Study in California at Idyllwild Arts

"Once a creative individual has been exposed to the Idyllwild Arts experience, everything else in life leading up to that point pales in comparison." Donna Mitchell, Class of 1997

A stunning place to study

More than nine million international visitors travel to California each year to study, work and take in everything the state has to offer. With its sunny climate, sandy beaches and varied sports and cultural activities, California is an excellent destination for students and tourists alike. Boasting some of the best schools and universities in the world, those seeking a superior education at a reasonable price often gravitate towards the ‘golden state’ to gain their qualifications. California’s educational institutions accommodate more than 55,000 international students. As Idyllwild Arts Academy is the only school of its kind west of the Mississippi, it is extremely popular for students who wish to excel academically as well as in their chosen artistic discipline.

A beautiful and varied landscape

There are very few locations in the world where visitors can ski or snowboard on one of the mountain ranges and two hours later find themselves surfing at the beach. Home to 32 million residents, California is the third-largest US state, and is known for its varied landscapes, which includes dense forest, rocky mountains, grassy plains, desert and its iconic palm trees. Boasting one of the world’s most diverse populations, California is among the most liberal and progressive US states. Southern California, where Idyllwild Arts Academy is based, offers miles of beaches from San Diego in the south to Malibu just north of Los Angeles, all of which are ideal for surfing, sunbathing, rollerblading, windsurfing, biking and many other outdoor activities.

Endless art, entertainment and culture

One of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles is the most popular city in Southern California, and is just two hours from Idyllwild Arts Academy. It is home to Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, where many of the best-known films are produced, as well as popular TV series. As well as accommodating top actors, LA hosts vast numbers of musicians, dancers, writers and designers, among other artists, and many big names from the city are involved in teaching at the academy. As the city is known to provide world-class street art, entertainment, dining, fashion and nightlife, Idyllwild students find that the extracurricular entertainment on offer complements the excellent study programs they are undertaking.