Academics at Idyllwild Arts Academy

"Strong academic training gives breadth to the imagination, helping the artist see multiple ways to embody those creative impulses and to impact the world." Marianne Kent-Stoll, Dean of Academics

Perfect blend of academic and arts

Most of the academic courses at the Idyllwild Arts Academy last one year, although some departments offer semester-long programs. Either way, the daily schedule consists of morning academic classes and afternoon arts classes. Sequential courses and Honors programs are recommended by course tutors and additional elective courses are chosen by students. Because the academy teaches grades nine through twelve and some post-graduates, individual programs ranging from one to four years in length may be created, blending study in the student’s chosen discipline with the required academic modules.

A comprehensive range of academic courses

Our academic program gives students an excellent grounding in essential academic subjects, including:

  • English (four years)
  • History/social studies, covering world history, US history, government and economics/social science (three years)
  • Foreign language (two consecutive years in the same language)
  • Mathematics, covering algebra and geometry (three years)
  • Science, covering biology and either chemistry or physics (two years)
  • Physical education (two years)

Each academic course counts for 0.5 credits per semester. Another admission requirement for the University of California is a year of visual and performing arts, which is more than accounted for by each student’s course of study in his or her chosen arts discipline.

"Maintaining a strong academic workload was important to me, and Idyllwild Arts is one of the few places where I could combine both my passion for dance and my interest in continuing advanced academic coursework." Elliot Gordon, Mercer Class of 2005

Become an Honors student

Idyllwild Arts Academy is affiliated with the prestigious National Honors Society, which gives students the opportunity to showcase their achievements in the areas of scholarship, leadership, community service and character development. Induction ceremonies take place at the beginning of each semester. In addition, the faculty recognizes significant scholastic achievement by publishing a Deans' List and Honor Roll at the end of each semester. These lists are designed to identify, praise and encourage students who have worked diligently and distinguished themselves with noteworthy scholastic records.